Modern Job Board Design Template Released by JobMount

Aspen Technology Labs’ JobMount team announces the release of a new-age job board design platform. This fresh, responsive and fully featured job board solution provides an enhanced user experience for job seekers and employers, more customization options and better accessibility, especially mobile. As global employers continue to seek to attract top talent, JobMount offers a platform for niche job boards, associations, and entrepreneurs to upgrade or launch a job board business.

Modern design
JobMount presents a fully refreshed front end design for both employers and job seekers with appealing and easy to understand user interfaces, offering the most up­-to-­date, stylish skin available for job board software.
Responsive template
Job board is fully optimized for all devices: mobile, tablet and desktop.
Full accessibility from any device
All front end users can easily access job board features, no matter what device is being used to interact with your job board. Job seekers can search jobs, and easily apply and upload resumes, from any device. Employers can buy and post jobs, manage job postings, view applications and search for resumes.
One click job alert subscription
Job seekers can take advantage of easy job alerts set up with just one click and start receiving various job offers from your job board.
Eye­-catching email notifications
We have also refreshed the available styles of email notifications to improve click-through and application rates for job alerts.
Job board template:
JobMount product website:

About JobMount
JobMount is a product of Aspen Technology Labs, Inc., a leading provider of highly customizable job board solutions, careercenter solutions, mobile apply interfaces, and its industry-best job wrapping service.

Michael Woodrow

New Research Reveals Consumers Will Travel Just 17 Minutes To Reach a Local Business

Small businesses need to think much closer to home when it comes to marketing a new study finds, as it reveals that consumers are willing to drive for an average of just 17 minutes to reach a local business.

Conducted by local SEO specialists BrightLocal, the study surveyed a US consumer panel of 800 shoppers and asked them how far they would travel to visit community staples such as the gym, hairdresser, realtor, mechanic, clothes store, bar, restaurant, accountant, doctor and wedding shop.
The data found a clear correlation between the average acceptable journey time of the shopper and the category of local business. While consumers were willing to drive further and for longer to reach specialist services such as a wedding boutique, a doctor or a realtor –up to an average of a 23-minute car journey- leisure based businesses were found to have a much shorter catchment area.

Continue reading

VeriShow making the Internet All about Interaction

Business owners are beginning to look beyond email and phone calls to find more dynamic, efficient, and engaging ways of tackling communication tasks. Cloud technology has changed the face of communication and collaboration in all industries.

VeriShow works like many online communication tools, with file sharing, chat, voice, video conferencing, screen-sharing, whiteboard, and live annotation capabilities. While it can be used within your company for team meetings, its special value comes in the great customer-facing features. Put simply, VeriShow allows you to embed real-time customer support technology into your website with the use of a simple HTML code call button. You can provide live web demos, respond to questions, co-browse and guide customers to the content they’re looking for, and right through to a sale. Continue reading

PR INDUSTRY AWARDS: Workhouse Sweeps 2012 Honors



2012 PR NEWS



TEL: +1 646. 205. 3540

USA- (3 October 2012) – WORKHOUSE (, a New York-based leading public relations and integrated creative agency, swept three of the industry’s highest honors when it was bestowed with the 2012 Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Silver Anvil Award, the PR News’ Platinum PR “Wow Award” and the Bulldog Reporter Silver Medal Award. The agency was also named a PR Daily/ Dow Jones “Grand Prize: PR Campaign of the Year ” Finalist at the ceremony which took place in Washington, DC on September 11th. The annual industry award contests recognize those organizations who have successfully addressed a contemporary public relations issue with exemplary professional skill, creativity and resourcefulness, honoring the most talented communicators in the Public Relations industry. Continue reading

Tourism Review Releases New Spanish Edition – Opens Opportunities in Spanish Speaking Travel Markets

The Tourism Review Digital Network is announcing the release of their Tourism Review Spanish edition. With this edition, they hope to reach the great amount of the populace that speaks and read primarily Spanish, which includes over 420 million people, 200 million of which are internet users. It is one out of eight language editions that the website offers, in the hopes to showcase and expand the potential for travel markets in countries that use these languages.

About Tourism Review

Tourism Review is an online resource for travel industry professionals and organizations from all corners of the globe. They have worked hard to appeal to audiences worldwide, and now they have expanded further by developing a Spanish edition of their website ( This adds to a long list of website editions in varying languages, including German, Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, French, and Arabic. With a great majority of the population speaking Spanish (over 420 million), this has been viewed as an intelligent move on the part of the company. Continue reading

Loadzen launches a new, flexible, and easier to use load testing service for everyone

24th April 2014 – Loadzen, the pay as you go load testing service, has re-launched with a new website and new features.

Key to the re-launch was to ensure that the service could provide better value, at lower rates to customers. This was achieved through significant investment into a completely new load generation system and core infrastructure as well as a complete overhaul to the user experience of the site.

The new service offers 50% faster test start times (typically under 60 seconds), and a peak capacity for emulating over 20,000 virtual users.

Loadzen now records 3 times more data than before, tracking timing data right down to each page being tested, and making it available to our customers, enabling them to better understand how individual components of their site perform under pressure. Continue reading

New Gameduino Hits the Market – Driven by FTDI Chip’s FT800 Graphic Controller Technology

8th October 2013 – FTDI Chip has confirmed that its ground-breaking FT800 Embedded Video Engine (EVE) is a key component in an exciting new Kickstarter project – the Gameduino2 game adaptor shield from Excamera. In 2011, the Kickstarter-funded Gameduino made major industry impact by successfully bringing vintage gaming to the popular Arduino platform. Now, with the introduction of Gameduino 2, users will be able to transform their Arduino units into modern handheld gaming systems that feature touch control, 3-axis accelerometers, headphone audio outputs and microSD data storage for game assets. In addition, they will benefit from the shield’s support of next generation graphics via its built-in 4.3-inch display. Continue reading

New Research Reveals A New Market Initiative for Google: What’s Next Beyond Glass

In 2005, Stephen E. Arnold, a technology assessment expert, correctly predicted Google would enter the mobile market in his monograph The Google Legacy (Infonortics, 2005) and Google Version 2.0 (Infonortics, 2007). Today, in an essay published at, Arnold predicts: “Google May Have a Top Secret Plan to Embed Computers in Our Eyes”

In a thought-provoking essay published August 5th, 2013, Arnold states: “The goal is not glasses. Glasses, clearly, are just a bridge to the goal. And that goal may be to embed a computer in your eyeball.” Continue reading

Artec 3D scanners used for the Hollywood blockbuster “World War Z”

2h3D Ltd, based near the Pinewood and Shepperton Studios in the UK, has a film and TV credit list stretching back 15 years. Their work includes Hollywood blockbusters and award-winning projects such as Doctor Who, Golden Compass, Harry Potter , Sherlock Holmes, to name a few. During “World War Z” pre-production, 2h3D was approached by the film’s VFX department to discuss how they might assist in the digital capture of assets for the upcoming production, including sets and locations, bodies, costumes, vehicles and props. The company then worked alongside the VFX department at various locations in Malta, Hungary, Scotland and England as well as at Shepperton and Elstree Studios to deliver around 100 digital assets to be used in the flick.

‘World War Z’ is a horror film that recently premiered in movie theaters world-wide to rave reviews. The film, directed by Marc Forster, was based on the 2006 Max Brooks novel of the same name. The film stars Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane, a former UN investigator who must find a way to stop a zombie-like pandemic, traveling around the globe to fight this threat to humanity.

Artec scanners from were used to digitize weapons, multiple baggage items for the plane crash scene, as well as actors and their elaborate costumes. Continue reading

Pluralsight Embraces Open-Source Community with Acquisition of PeepCode

* Pluralsight adds to its 500-course library nearly 100 PeepCode video tutorials in Ruby, JavaScript, Unix, Git and other open-source staples

* PeepCode founder Geoffrey Grosenbach and its network of instructors to steer Pluralsight’s future development of open-source content

SALT LAKE CITY (July 25, 2013) — Online training platform Pluralsight is making a decisive foray into the open-source coding movement by acquiring Seattle-based PeepCode, the leading training resource for professional open-source developers. Announced today, the acquisition extends Pluralsight’s high-quality training content for Web and IT pros into the open-source domain of hardcore programmers. Continue reading

Joomla! Announces Its First Ever In-Person Code Sprints For CMS

Goals to improve UI and simplify how Joomla extensions are built

New York – July 16, 2013 – Joomla, one of the world’s most popular open source content management systems (CMS) used for everything from websites to blogs to Intranets, today announced its first ever in-person code sprints. The initial code sprints will be used to help build the newest version of Joomla, which more than 3 percent of websites now use for their CMS. Joomla 3.2 is expected to be released this September.

“With half a million volunteer contributors to the Joomla core spread around the world, traditionally we have held structured code sprints virtually because logistically that’s what worked best,” said Paul Orwig, President, Open Source Matters, a non-profit created to provide organization, legal and financial support to the Joomla project. “However, there’s no substitute to face-to-face collaboration and that’s why we are launching these in-person sprints.”

The biggest goals that coders partaking in the sprints are being tasked with is making improvements to the user interface (UI) for developers building Joomla sites and simplifying how developers create Joomla extensions. Joomla extensions allow users to add nearly any feature to their website that are not included in the core Joomla CMS (such as a photo gallery). Currently there are thousands of Joomla extensions. Continue reading

Dog Disasters, Cat Catastrophes and Animal Accidents Expose Hidden Cost of Pet Ownership

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – June 27, 2013 – SquareTrade®, the #1rated protection plan trusted by millions of happy customers, today revealed new research about Americans and their pets. The study shows that American pets have bitten, chewed, licked, drooled upon, and otherwise damaged more than eight million devices, which adds up to more than $3B in repair and replacement costs. The most commonly damaged device is the smartphone, which accounts for one third of all devices damaged. The study also found that 3 out of 4 devices damaged were not covered by insurance or a protection plan.[1]

“After seeing so many claims come in that involved pets, we decided to look into the data and see just how big a problem this was. And the results were pretty astounding,” said Ty Shay, CMO at SquareTrade. “Using an $800 smartphone as a chew toy is a pricey slipup, not to mention it’s the device most of us can’t live without.” Continue reading